Special Editions

Over the sixty year history of the Applied Probability Trust, the Trust has published a collection of Special Issues as ways to mark important events in the Trust's history. These include anniversary's of the Trust, notable members of the community passing away, and highlighting interesting topics in Applied Probability. 

Branching and Applied Probability
(AAP Special Volume 50A)

Eds S. Asmussen, F. Klebaner, O. Nerman and V. Vatutin

ISBN 978-0-902016-11-8 (2018)

This volume honours the lifelong contributions of Peter Jagers, who turned 75 in 2016. He has been an instrumental figure in the community in applied probability and stochastics in general in his roles as one of the leaders in the area of branching processes, in professional societies and in the Scandinavian stochastics environment, as well as the efforts he has made in conveying communication and interaction between scientists in the West and in the East.

The volume contains twenty invited scientific papers by authors, who all in some sense have interacted with Peter Jagers or otherwise have been close to him. 

In addition, there are some personal memories by himself, some recollections by Eugene Seneta, and a sketch of his merits as an academic leader and colleague by Olle Nerman.

Available (free access) online.

Probability, Analysis and Number Theory
(AAP Special Volume 48A)

Eds C. M. Goldie and A. Mijatovic

ISBN 0 902016 10 1 (2016) xvii+301 pp. hbk

N. H. (Nick) Bingham has been a central figure in probability theory and related areas for a half century, and this Festschrift celebrates his 70th birthday in 2015. 

A bibliography of his over 250 publications to date is followed by an autobiographical and historical essay by Nick, depicting the development of his subject since 1965, and his place within it. 

There follow 17 refereed original papers from a total of 38 international authors, concentrating on the themes of the title and honouring Nick’s contribution to them.

Available (free access) online.

Celebrating 50 Years of the Applied Probability Trust
(JAP Special Volume 51A)

Eds S. Asmussen, P. Jagers, I. Molchanov and L. C. G. Rogers

ISBN 0 902016 09 5 (2014) vii+408 pp. hbk

The Applied Probability Trust was founded in 1964 for the purpose of launching the Journal of Applied Probability (JAP) established by Joe Gani. In 1969 JAP was joined by a sister journal, Advances in Applied Probability (AAP), to accommodate the ever increasing number of papers. The Trust also publishes The Mathematical Scientist and the magazine Mathematical Spectrum.

This special volume appears in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of both the Trust and JAP. It contains an account of the Trust’s history and activities written by Joe Gani and some historical reflections on applied probability by John Kingman. It also includes the 2014 Applied Probability Trust Lectures given by Dan Crisan and Alexander Gnedin at the jubilee event held at The University of Sheffield in April. 

The body of the volume consists of a number of invited papers by eminent researchers in applied probability and covers topics such as biological applications, finance and econometrics, heavy tails, Markov processes and renewal theory, random graphs, particle systems, and stochastic geometry.

Available (free access) online.

New Frontiers in Applied Probability
(JAP Special Volume 48A)

Eds P. Glynn, T. Mikosch and T. Rolski

ISBN 0 902016 08 3 (2011) xviii+389 pp. hbk

This Festschrift for Søren Asmussen, published on the occasion of his 65th birthday, celebrates his lifelong achievements in applied probability. 

A biographical preface is followed by a complete bibliography of Søren’s publications to date, which demonstrates his major contributions to the theory of heavy tails, rare event asymptotics and related simulation methods, matrix-geometric modelling, branching processes, Markov processes, and regeneration. 

Twenty-eight contributions presented by Søren’s colleagues reflect these wide-ranging themes.

Available (free access) online.

Stochastic Methods and their Applications
(JAP Special Volume 41A)

Eds J. Gani and E. Seneta

ISBN 0 902016 07 5 (2004) xviii+414 pp. hbk

This Festschrift for Professor Chris Heyde, published on the occasion of his 65th birthday, celebrates his lifelong achievements as a probabilist and statistician. 

It begins with a biographical preface, followed by a complete list of Chris’s publications to date. Twenty-nine contributions are then presented by Chris’s colleagues, some of them his past students, the variety of the topics discussed reflecting the great breadth of his interests. 

The papers are grouped into seven sections followed by an index:

To all of these areas, Chris has made outstanding contributions.

Available online.

Probability, Statistics and Seismology
(JAP Special Volume 38A)

Ed. D. J. Daley (assisted by P. J. Thomson and Y. Ogata)

ISBN 0 902016 06 7 (2001) xvi+296 pp. hbk

A Festschrift in honour of David Vere-Jones, Professor of Mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington. 

Consisting of 26 refereed papers by authors of international repute, the collection reflects the lifelong work of David Vere-Jones on problems in statistical seismology and his mathematical pursuits relating to Markov chains and point processes.

Available online.

Studies in Applied Probability
(JAP Special Volume 31A)

Eds J. Galambos and J. Gani

ISBN 0 902016 04 0 (1994) 398 pp. hbk

26 original research contributions by 39 internationally known authors in honour of Professor Lajos Takacs.

Available online.

A Celebration of Applied Probability
(JAP Special Volume 25A)

Ed. J. Gani

ISBN 0 902016 03 2 (1988) 398 pp. hbk

Marking the 25th anniversary of the APT, with a history of the growth of the Trust and 22 original research articles in key areas of applied probability.

Available online.

Essays in Time Series and Allied Processes
(JAP Special Volume 23A)

Eds J. Gani and M. B. Priestley

ISBN 0 902016 02 4 (1986) 446 pp. hbk

In honour of E. J. Hannan, thirty research contributions by leading experts in the field.

Available online.

Essays in Statistical Science
(JAP Special Volume 19A)

Eds J. Gani and E. J. Hannan

ISBN 0 902016 01 6 (1982) 434 pp. hbk

In honour of P. A. P. Moran, 35 research contributions by international colleagues and former students.

Available online.

Perspectives in Probability and Statistics

Ed J. Gani

ISBN 0 12 274450 0 (1975) 423 pp. hbk

In honour of M. S. Bartlett, 30 research contributions by thirty international colleagues.

Available online.