Job Adverts and Relocation Information

As part of the Applied Probability Trust's community support work, we have set up this page for employers and grant holders to list job adverts which probabilists may be interested in applying for. We hope that this will help both candidates and institutions in the application and recruitment process for positions. 

At the bottom of this page, readers will find a catalogue of regional (usually country-wide) mailing lists for different areas of the world. Our hope here is to support people moving to new countries to engage with the local probability community. 

We strongly encourage everyone wishing to advertise a job using this page to do so. In addition, if you know of a regional mailing list which should be listed, please send the details to the APT Office for listing.

Due to the table setup, we recommend you view this page on a computer as opposed to tablet or phone. 

Registering a position

There are a number of ways in which members of the community can register a position on this page. Our preferred method is for submitters to use the following form which is automatically linked to the below list.

Register a position using this form

Alternatively, if this link isn't working for you, submitters can send advert details to the APT Office to post. 

We ask that everyone wishing to post a position adheres to the following set of principles:

Please submit a different form for each different position as opposed to trying to contain multiple adverts into the same listing. 

Any out of scope or inappropriate listings will be removed. 

Current positions

Please see below for a list of current positions submitted to our database. If any of the information below is incorrect, please contact the APT office.

For positions where it is relevant (usually PhD and postdoctoral roles), the principal investigator(s)/ project supervisor(s) can be seen listed in parenthesis and indicated by a "PI" label.

Jobs Listings

Applicant information

See below for a set of additional notes for applicants:

We encourage applicants to use the hyperlinks contained within the above table to discover further information on any role listed. 

Country/ Region Specific Mailing Lists

It may be the case that members of the community wish to join local regional mailing lists. Perhaps you may wish to do this if you are new to a country or plan to move there shortly. To support this, we are collecting information on country-wide probability group communication networks and listing them below.

If you know of a country's list which fits this remit but is missing from the below list, please contact the office and let them know. Please also get in touch if any of the below links are broken.

Asia and Oceania

Africa and Europe

North and South America