News And Announcements

Applied Probability Trust, Jobs Page

22 June 2023

The Applied Probability Trust is pleased to unveil a new Job Advert page. This page allows colleagues to list jobs which might be of interest to the global applied probability community. 

We hope that this centralised page reduces the need for candidates to monitor many different pages and opens positions to the global pool of job seekers. 

An additional aspect to this jobs page is a mailing list catalogue which will develop over time. This catalogue contains information about country wide mailing lists which new probabilists can join after they move to a new country.

Applied Probability Trust, Ukraine Statement

10 May 2022

The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government, and the Russian government’s crackdown on dissenting voices within Russia, have shocked and saddened the Trustees of the Applied Probability Trust. Our sympathy is with the citizens of Ukraine, with those dissenting voices within Russia, and with all civilians (of whatever nationality) who are endangered by this war.

The Trust hopes to find some meaningful way to help support those applied probabilists who have been adversely impacted by the current circumstances. If you have been affected, please check the Applied Probability Trust funding opportunities page in the coming months for further information. 

Alternatively, you can register interest with the Applied Probability Trust office (, so as to be notified when an APT support mechanism has been identified.