Ukraine Support Scheme 2023

Funding route status

This funding route was open for the 2023 calendar year and closes 31st December, 2023.


The Applied Probability Trust welcomes applications for a Ukraine Support Scheme. This scheme is open to academics working in the area of applied probability at any career stage who have been adversely affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine initiated by Russia in early 2022. 

Award Conditions

There is flexibility in how funds can be used to support the applicant’s career. Examples include: supporting a seminar series, research visits, or subsidising research group operating costs. The maximum award available to an applicant via this scheme is £3,000. 

The Applied Probability Trust should be acknowledged appropriately, as is usual practice, in any publications which come from projects directly funded partially or in full from this or any other APT grant awarded.

Application and Decision Timeline

The application form can be downloaded from the Google Drive folder here. Please send completed application forms to the APT Executive Editor at The office will confirm receipt of your application. Please contact the APT office if you have any questions. 

The APT Office will confirm receipt of your application upon submission. The Trustees will endeavour to make a decision on your application within three months of submission. You will be notified of the outcome by the Office shortly after a decision has been made. 

Payments relating to successful applications will be paid to host or home institutions via invoice only, not to the applicant directly. 

Unspent Funds

After the accounts for an event have been closed and surplus funds have been realised, an appropriate proportion from the Applied Probability Trust award is to be returned to the Trust. This is to enable remaining funds, after the activity they were granted to support is over, to be allocated to other applications.

If any organisers discover this applies to them after their accounts have closed and would like to discuss this further, please contact the APT Office.