Journal Of Applied Probability

With a publication record spanning more than five decades, the Journal of Applied Probability is the oldest journal devoted to the publication of research in the field of applied probability. It is an international journal published by the Applied Probability Trust, and it serves as a companion publication to the Advances in Applied Probability

Its wide audience includes leading researchers across the entire spectrum of applied probability, including biosciences applications, operations research, telecommunications, computer science, engineering, epidemiology, financial mathematics, the physical and social sciences, and any field where stochastic modelling is used.

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The process for submitting articles to both Advances in Applied Probability and Journal of Applied Probability is exactly the same. Articles are assigned to one of the journals after the peer review process.

After articles have been accepted and completed the production process (copyediting and typesetting), they will be placed online as FirstView articles until their official date of publication.

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61.1 (March 2024)

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61.2 (June 2024)

61.3 (September 2024)

61.4 (December 2024)


60.1 (March 2023)

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60.2 (June 2023)

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60.3 (September 2023)

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60.4 (December 2023)

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59.1 (March 2022)

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59.2 (June 2022)

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59.3 (September 2022)

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59.4 (December 2022)

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58.1 (March 2021)

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58.2 (June 2021)

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58.3 (September 2021)

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58.4 (December 2021)

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57.1 (March 2020)

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57.2 (June 2020)

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57.3 (September 2020)

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57.4 (December 2020)

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