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Journal of Applied Probability

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HANSJÖRG ALBRECHER, ONNO J. BOXMA AND JEVGENIJS IVANOVS. On simple ruin expressions in dependent Sparre Andersen risk models
EMMANUELLE ANCEAUME, YANN BUSNEL AND BRUNO SERICOLA. New results on a generalized coupon collector problem using Markov chains
CHRISTOPHE ANDRIEU, GERSENDE FORT AND MATTI VIHOLA. Quantitative convergence rates for sub-geometric Markov chains
DAVID APPLEBAUM AND STEFAN BLACKWOOD. The Kalman–Bucy filter for integrable Lévy processes with infinite second moment
D. ARISTOFF. Percolation of hard disks
S. ASMUSSEN AND S. FOSS. On exceedance times for some processes with dependent increments
YVES ATCHADÉ AND YIZAO WANG. On the convergence rates of some adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms
KRISHNA B. ATHREYA AND VIVEKANANDA ROY. Estimation of integrals with respect to infinite measures using regenerative sequences
ÁGNES BACKHAUSZ AND TAMÁS F. MÓRI. Asymptotic properties of a random graph with duplications
F. G. BADIA AND C. SANGÜESA. The DFR property for counting processes stopped at an independent random time
N. BALAKRISHNAN AND WILLIAM VOLTERMAN. On the signatures of ordered system lifetimes
NARAYANASWAMY BALAKRISHNAN, GHOBAD  BARMALZAN AND ABEDIN  HAIDARI. Stochastic orderings and ageing properties of residual life-lengths of live components in (n-k+1)-out-of-n systems
FRANK BALL, TOM BRITTON AND PETER NEAL. On expected durations of birth–death processes, with applications to branching processes and SIS epidemics
ANTAR BANDYOPADHYAY AND FARKHONDEH SAJADI. On the nearest neighbor algorithm for the mean field traveling salesman problem
YONIT BARRON. A fluid EOQ model with Markovian environment
KRZYSZTOF BARTOSZEK AND SERIK SAGITOV. Phylogenetic confidence intervals for the optimal trait value
HENDRIK BAUMANN AND WERNER SANDMANN. Bounded truncation error for long run averages in infinite Markov chains
N. G. BEAN, R. ELLIOTT, A. ESHRAGH AND J. V. ROSS. On binomial observation of continuous-time Markovian population models
LUISA BEGHIN AND CLAUDIO MACCI. Fractional discrete processes: compound and mixed Poisson representations
LUISA BEGHIN, ROBERTO GARRA AND CLAUDIO MACCI. Correlated fractional counting processes on a finite time interval
FÉLIX BELZUNCE, CAROLINA MARTÍNEZ-RIQUELME, JOSÉ M. RUIZ AND MIGUEL A. SORDO. On sufficient conditions for the comparison in the excess wealth order and spacings
JAKOB E. BJÖRNBERG AND ERIK I. BROMAN. Coexistence and non-coexistence of Markovian viruses and their hosts
HENRY W. BLOCK, NAFTALI A. LANGBERG AND THOMAS H. SAVITS. The limiting failure rate for a convolution of life distributions
MARK BROWN. Sharp bounds for exponential approximations under a hazard rate upper bound
PATRICK BUCKINGHAM, BRIAN FRALIX AND OFFER KELLA. A note on integral representations of the Skorokhod map
AMARJIT BUDHIRAJA AND PIERRE NYQUIST. Large deviations for multidimensional state-dependent shot noise processes
BRUNO BUONAGUIDI. A remark on optimal variance stopping problems
BRUNO BUONAGUIDI AND PIETRO MULIERE. On the disorder problem for a negative binomial process
ROLANDO CAVAZOS-CADENA, RAÚL MONTES-DE-OCA AND KAREL SLADKÝ. Sample-path optimal stationary policies in stable Markov decision chains with the average reward criterion
JI HWAN CHA AND INMA T. CASTRO. A stochastic failure model with dependent competing risks and its applications to condition-based maintenance
XIULI CHAO, QI-MING HE AND SHELDON ROSS. Tollbooth tandem queues with infinite homogeneous servers
ANYUE CHEN, JUNPING LI, YIQING CHEN AND DINGXUAN ZHOU. Asymptotic behaviour of extinction probability of interacting branching collision processes
LI-JUAN CHENG AND YONG-HUA MAO. Eigentime identity for one-dimensional diffusion processes
SAMUEL N. COHEN. Undiscounted Markov chain BSDEs to stopping times
HARRY CRANE AND PETER MCCULLAGH. Poisson superposition processes
HARRY CRANE AND PETER MCCULLAGH. Reversible Markov structures on divisible set partitions
FABIÁN CROCCE AND ERNESTO MORDECKI. A finite exact algorithm to solve a dice game
ALESSANDRO D'ANDREA AND LUCA DE SANCTIS. The Kruskal–Katona theorem and a characterization of system signatures
KRZYSZTOF DEBICKI, ENKELEJD HASHORVA AND LANPENG JI. Parisian ruin of self-similar Gaussian risk processes
KRISTIAN DEBRABANT AND ANDREAS RÖSSLER. On the acceleration of the multi-level Monte Carlo method
LAURENT DECREUSEFOND, IAN FLINT AND ANAIS VERGNE. A note on the simulation of the Ginibre point process
AMOGH DESHPANDE. On the role of Föllmer-Schweizer minimal martingale measure in risk sensitive control asset management
ANTONIO DI CRESCENZO AND ABDOLSAEED TOOMAJ. Extensions of the past lifetime and its connections to the cumulative entropy
ANTONIO DI CRESCENZO, BARBARA MARTINUCCI AND SHELEMYAHU ZACKS. Compound Poisson process with Poisson subordinator
NGUYEN HUU DU, DANG HAI NGUYEN AND G. GEORGE YIN. Conditions for permanence and ergodicity of certain stochastic predator-prey models
B. S. EL-DESOUKY, F. A. SHIHA AND A. M. MAGAR. On a generalization of a waiting time problem and some combinatorial identities
ROBERT J. ELLIOTT, TAK KUEN SIU AND SAMUEL N. COHEN. Backward stochastic difference equations for dynamic convex risk measures on a binomial tree
SERKAN ERYILMAZ. Component importance in coherent systems with exchangeable components
MICHAEL FALK, MARTIN HOFMANN AND MAXIMILIAN ZOTT. On generalized max-linear models and their statistical interpolation
PARISA FATHEDDIN. Central limit theorem for a class of SPDEs
EVA FERREIRA AND WINFRIED STUTE. Dynamic binomials with an application to gender bias analysis
ALBERT FERREIRO-CASTILLA AND KEES VAN SCHAIK. Applying the Wiener–Hopf Monte Carlo simulation technique for Lévy processes to path functionals
A. FERREIRO-CASTILLA, A. E. KYPRIANOU AND R. SCHEICHL. An Euler–Poisson scheme for Lévy driven SDEs
RAÚL FIERRO, VÍCTOR LEIVA AND JESPER MØLLER. The Hawkes process with different exciting functions and its asymptotic behavior
ERIC FOXALL. New results for the two-stage contact process
ESTHER FROSTIG. The moments of the  discounted loss and the discounted dividends for a spectrally negative Lévy risk process
R. GARRA, E. ORSINGHER AND F. POLITO. State-dependent fractional point processes
RENATO JACOB GAVA AND DANILO SALOTTI. Stopping probabilities for patterns in Markov chains
FABRICE M. GUILLEMIN AND RAVI R. MAZUMDAR. Conditional sojourn times and the volatility of payment schemes for bandwidth sharing in packet networks
FABRICE GUILLEMIN AND BRUNO SERICOLA. Volume and duration of losses in finite buffer fluid queues
BABAK HAJI AND SHELDON M. ROSS. A queueing loss model with heterogeneous skill based servers under idle time ordering policies
LARS HOLST AND TAKIS KONSTANTOPOULOS. Runs in coin tossing: a general approach for deriving distributions for functionals
DAWEI HONG, SHUSHUANG MAN, JEAN-CAMILLE BIRGET AND DESMOND S. LUN. A wavelet-based almost sure uniform approximation of fractional Brownian motion with a parallel algorithm
PHIL HOWLETT, CHARLES PEARCE AND JULIA PIANTADOSI. A new look at urban water storage in a series of connected dams
LEI HUA, HARRY JOE AND HAIJUN LI. Relations between hidden regular variation and tail order of copulas
CHUNMAO HUANG. Moments for multi-dimensional Mandelbrot's cascades
MARK HUBER AND SARAH SCHOTT. Random construction of interpolating sets for high dimensional integration
SVANTE JANSON. On degenerate sums of m-dependent variables
KRZYSZTOF JASINSKI AND TOMASZ RYCHLIK. Inequalities for variances of order statistics coming from urn models
AJAY JASRA. On the behaviour of the backward interpretation of Feynman–Kac formulae under verifiable conditions
ZHENGJUN JIANG. Optimal dividend policy when cash reserves follow a jump-diffusion process under Markov-regime switching
A. V. KALINKIN AND A. V. MASTIKHIN. A limit theorem for Weiss epidemic process
MICHAEL N. KATEHAKIS, LAURENS C. SMIT AND FLOSKE M. SPIEKSMA. A comparative analysis of the successive lumping and the lattice path counting algorithms
YOORA KIM, IREM KOPRULU AND NESS B. SHROFF. First exit time of a Lévy flight from a bounded region
VASSILI N. KOLOKOLTSOV. Stochastic monotonicity and duality of kth order with application to put-call symmetry of powered options
K. M. KOSINSKI AND M. MANDJES. Logarithmic asymptotics for multidimensional extremes under non-linear scalings
JERE KOSKELA, PAUL JENKINS AND DARIO SPANÒ. Computational inference beyond Kingman's coalescent
MIHÁLY KOVÁCS, STIG LARSSON AND FREDRIK LINDGREN. On the backward Euler approximation of the stochastic Allen–Cahn equation
AMAURY LAMBERT AND CHUNHUA MA. The coalescent in peripatric metapopulations
DAVID LANDRIAULT, BIN LI AND HONGZHONG ZHANG. On the frequency of drawdowns for Brownian motion processes
V. LE. Coalescence times for the Bienaymé-Galton-Watson process
HYUNJU LEE AND JI HWAN CHA. Point process approach to modeling and analysis of general cascading failure models
JOSEPH LEHEC. Cover times and generic chaining
CARL LINDBERG. Pairs trading with opportunity cost
JEAN-LUC MARICHAL. Algorithms and formulas for conversion between system signatures and reliability functions
THOMAS O. MCDONALD AND MAREK KIMMEL. A multitype infinite-allele branching process with applications to cancer evolution
S. MCKINLAY AND K. BOROVKOV. On explicit form of the stationary distributions for a class of bounded Markov chains
ALEKSANDAR MIJATOVIC, MARTIJN R. PISTORIUS AND JOHANNES STOLTE. Randomisation and recursion methods for mixed-exponential Lévy models, with financial applications
PATRYK MIZIULA AND TOMASZ RYCHLIK. Extreme dispersions of semicoherent and mixed system lifetimes
BENT NATVIG. On the deterioration of nonrepairable multistate strongly coherent systems
ENZO ORSINGHER AND BRUNO TOALDO. Counting processes with Bernstein intertimes and random jumps
N. PACKHAM, M. KALKBRENER AND L. OVERBECK. Asymptotic behaviour of multivariate default probabilities and default correlations under stress
MATHEW D. PENROSE. The strong giant in a random digraph
ORA E. PERCUS AND JEROME K. PERCUS. The maximum of a symmetric next neighbor walk on the nonnegative integers
MATS PIHLSGÅRD. Local martingales with two reflecting barriers
LEANDRO P. R. PIMENTEL. On the location of the maximum of a continuous stochastic process
ANDERS RØNN-NIELSEN AND EVA B. VEDEL JENSEN. Tail asymptotics for the supremum of an infinitely divisible field with convolution equivalent Lévy measure
FRANÇOIS ROUEFF AND PHILIPPE SOULIER. Convergence to stable laws in the space D
MATTEO RUGGIERO. Species dynamics in the two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet diffusion model
GENNADY SAMORODNITSKY, SIDNEY RESNICK, DON TOWSLEY, RICHARD DAVIS, AMY WILLIS, AND PHYLLIS WAN. Nonstandard regular variation of in-degree and out-degree in the preferential attachment model
CHRISTIAN SCHLUTER AND MARK TREDE. Weak convergence to the Student and Laplace distributions
ERNST SCHULTE-GEERS AND WOLFGANG STADJE. Maximal percentages in Pólya's urn
KONSTANTINOS SPILIOPOULOS. Non-asymptotic  performance analysis of importance sampling schemes for small noise diffusions
MITSUSHI TAMAKI On the optimal stopping problems with monotone thresholds
P. TARDELLI. Partially informed investors: hedging in incomplete market with default
NURIA TORRADO AND SUBHASH C. KOCHAR. Stochastic order relations among parallel systems from Weibull distributions
ERIK A. VAN DOORN. Representations for the decay parameter of a birth–death process based on the Courant–Fischer theorem
VLADIMIR VATUTIN AND QUANSHENG LIU. Limit theorems for decomposable branching processes in random environment
HANCHAO WANG. Euler scheme for stochastic differential equation driven by pure jump semimartingales
PETER WINDRIDGE. The extinction time of a subcritical branching process related to the SIR epidemic on a random graph
XIAO WU AND XIANPING GUO. First passage optimality and variance minimization of Markov decision processes with varying discount factors
DACHENG YAO, XIULI CHAO AND JINGCHEN WU. Optimal control policy for a Brownian inventory system with concave ordering cost
QING-PEI ZANG AND LI-XIN ZHANG. A general lower bound of parameter estimation for reflected Ornstein–Uhlenbeck processes
LINA ZHANG AND JUNPING LI. The M/M/c queue with mass exodus and mass arrivals when empty
YOUZHOU ZHOU. Ergodic inequality of two-parameter infinitely-many-alleles diffusion model


Short Communications
CHRISTIAN BENDER, MIKKO S. PAKKANEN AND HASANJAN SAYIT. Sticky continuous processes have consistent price systems
MARTIN EGOZCUE AND LUIS FUENTES GARCÍA. An optimal threshold strategy in the two-envelope problem with partial information
ZHENLONG GAO AND YANHUA ZHANG. Limit theorems for a supercritical Poisson random indexed branching process
MARK HUBER AND NEVENA MARIC. Multivariate distributions with fixed marginals and correlations
MARIA KAMINSKA-ZABIEROWSKA AND JORGE NAVARRO. Erratum to: Mixture representations of residual lifetimes of used systems
KEN'ICHI KAWANISHI AND TETSUYA TAKINE. A note on the virtual waiting time in the stationary PH/M/c+D queue
HOSAM M. MAHMOUD AND MARK DANIEL WARD. Asymptotic properties of protected nodes in random recursive trees
Y. H. MAO, C. ZHANG AND Y. H. ZHANG. Separation cutoff for upward skip-free chains
DIRK VEESTRAETEN. A recursion formula for the moments of the first-passage time of the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process


Letters to the Editor

HÜSEYIN ACAN AND PAWEL HITCZENKO. On the covariances of outdegrees in random plane recursive trees

Advances in Applied Probability


Stochastic Geometry and Statistical Applications
VENKAT ANANTHARAM AND FRANÇOIS BACCELLI. Capacity and error exponents of stationary point processes under random additive displacements
B. BLASZCZYSZYN AND D. YOGESHWARAN. On comparison of clustering properties of  point processes
BRUNO GALERNE AND RAPHAEL LACHIEZE-REY. Random measurable sets and covariogram realisability problems
C. HIRSCH, D. NEUHÄUSER, C. GLOAGUEN AND V. SCHMIDT. First-passage percolation on random geometric graphs and an application to shortest-path trees
WERNER NAGEL AND EIKE BIEHLER. Consistency of constructions for cell division processes
STEFAN STEINERBERGER. New bounds for the traveling salesman constant
KASPAR STUCKI AND DOMINIC SCHUHMACHER. Bounds for the probability generating functional of a Gibbs point process
ANNE MARIE SVANE. Local digital estimators of intrinsic volumes for Boolean models and in the design based setting
General Applied Probability
LOUIGI ADDARIO-BERRY AND TAO LEI. The mixing time of the Newman–Watts small world
DANIEL AHLBERG. Asymptotics of first-passage percolation on one-dimensional graphs
JAFAR AHMADI, ANTONIO DI CRESCENZO AND MARIA LONGOBARDI. On dynamic mutual information for bivariate lifetimes
RICHARD ARRATIA AND STEPHEN DESALVO. On the random sampling of pairs, with pedestrian examples
A. D. BARBOUR, K. HAMZA, HAYA KASPI AND F. C. KLEBANER. Escape from the boundary in Markov population processes
ERIK J. BAURDOUX, NAN CHEN, BUDHI A. SURYA AND KAZUTOSHI YAMAZAKI. Optimal double stopping of a Brownian bridge
BERNARD BERCU AND ADRIEN RICHOU. Large deviations for the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process with shift
DANIELA BERTACCHI, FABIO PRATES MACHADO AND FABIO ZUCCA. Local and global survival for nonhomogeneous random walk systems on Z
ALEXANDROS BESKOS, DAN O. CRISAN, AJAY JASRA AND NICK WHITELEY. Error bounds and normalizing constants for sequential Monte Carlo samplers in high dimensions
JOSE BLANCHET AND JING DONG. Perfect sampling for infinite server and loss systems
H. BLOK AND F. M. SPIEKSMA. Countable state Markov decision processes with unbounded jump rates and discounted cost: optimality equation and approximations
AMARJIT BUDHIRAJA, VLADAS PIPIRAS AND XIAOMING SONG. Admission control for multidimensional workload input with heavy tails and fractional Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process
JI HWAN CHA AND GIANPAOLO PULCINI. Burn-in procedure based on dependent covariate process
HOCK PENG CHAN, CHIANG-WEE HENG AND AJAY JASRA. Theory of segmented particle filters
XINXIN CHEN. A necessary and sufficient condition for the nontrivial limit of the derivative martingale in a branching random walk
STEPHEN B. CONNOR AND WILFRID S. KENDALL. Perfect simulation of M/G/c queues
EMILIE COUPECHOUX AND MARC LELARGE. Contagions in random networks with overlapping communities
HANS DADUNA AND RYSZARD SZEKLI. Correlation formulas for Markovian network processes in a random environment
DARYL J. DALEY, JOHAN S.H. VAN LEEUWAARDEN AND YONI NAZARATHY. BRAVO for many-server QED systems with finite buffers
JEAN-STÉPHANE DHERSIN AND LINGLONG YUAN. On the total length of external branches for beta-coalescents
A. B. DIEKER AND T. SUK. Randomized longest-queue-first scheduling for large-scale buffered systems
ZI DING AND ILYA O. RYZHOV. Optimal learning with non-Gaussian rewards
FRANÇOIS DUFOUR AND A. B. PIUNOVSKIY. Impulsive control for continuous-time Markov decision processes
MASAHIKO EGAMI AND KAZUTOSHI YAMAZAKI. On the continuous and smooth fit principle for optimal stopping problems in spectrally negative Lévy models
B. ERIKSSON AND M. R. PISTORIUS. American option valuation under continuous time Markov chains
ERIC FOXALL. Duality and complete convergence for multi-type additive growth models
KAMILLE SOFIE TÅGHOLT GAD AND JESPER LUND PEDERSEN. Variance optimal stopping for geometric Lévy processes
ALBERTO GANDOLFI AND LORENZO CECCONI. SIR epidemics on a scale-free spatial nested modular network
GHURUMURUHAN GANESAN. Infection spread in random geometric graphs
RAUL GOUET, F. JAVIER LÓPEZ AND GERARDO SANZ. Records from stationary observations subject to a random trend
MICHAEL GRINFELD, STANISLAV VOLKOV AND ANDREW R. WADE. Convergence in a multidimensional randomized Keynesian beauty contest
HÉLÈNE GUÉRIN AND JEAN-FRANÇOIS RENAUD. Joint distribution of a spectrally negative Lévy process and its occupation time, with step option pricing in view
XIANPING GUO, XIANGXIANG HUANG AND YONGHUI HUANG. Finite horizon optimality for continuous-time Markov decision processes with unbounded transition rates
BERND HEIDERGOTT, HARALAMBIE LEAHU, ANDREAS LÖPKER AND GEORG PFLUG. Perturbation analysis of inhomogeneous finite Markov chains
D. J. HODGE AND K. D. GLAZEBROOK. On the asymptotic optimality of greedy index heuristics for multi-action restless bandits
G. HUANG, H. M. JANSEN, M. MANDJES, P. SPREIJ AND K. DE TURCK. Markov-modulated Ornstein–Uhlenbeck processes
ANTOINE JACQUIER AND MATTHEW LORIG. From characteristic functions to implied volatility expansions
A. J. E. M. JANSSEN AND J. S. H. VAN LEEUWAARDEN. Staffing many-server systems with admission control and retrials
PREDRAG R. JELENKOVIC AND EVANGELIA D. SKIANI. Distribution of the number of retransmissions of bounded documents
MATTHIEU JONCKHEERE AND SEVA SHNEER. Stability of multi-dimensional birth-and-death processes with state-dependent 0-homogeneous jumps
JONATHAN JORDAN AND ANDREW R. WADE. Phase transitions for random geometric preferential attachment graphs
RAVI KALPATHY AND HOSAM MAHMOUD. Perpetuities in fair leader election algorithms
CLAUDIA KLÜPPELBERG AND MUNEYA MATSUI. Generalized fractional Lévy processes with fractional Brownian motion limit
ISTVÁN KOLOSSVÁRY AND JÚLIA KOMJÁTHY. First passage percolation on inhomogeneous random graphs
N. LANCHIER AND N. TAYLOR. Galam's bottom-up hierarchical system and public debate model revisited
JUKKA LEMPA Bounded variation control of Itô diffusions with exogenously restricted intervention times
XIAOOU LI AND JINGCHEN LIU. Rare-event simulation and efficient discretization for the supremum of Gaussian random fields
XIAOHU LI AND YINPING YOU. Permutation monotone functions of random vectors with applications in financial and actuarial risk management
QIAN LIN. Nash equilibrium payoffs for stochastic differential games with two reflecting barriers
PAWEL LOREK AND RYSZARD SZEKLI. Computable bounds on the spectral gap for unreliable Jackson networks
SANA LOUHICHI AND BERNARD YCART. Exponential growth of bifurcating processes with ancestral dependence
R. J. MAILLARDET AND P. G. TAYLOR. Queues with advanced reservations: an infinite-server proxy for the bookings diary
HIROYUKI MASUYAMA. Error bounds for augmented truncations of discrete-time block-monotone Markov chains under geometric drift conditions
GRIGORI N. MILSTEIN AND JOHN SCHOENMAKERS. Uniform approximation of the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process
TOSHIO NAKATA. The number of collisions for the occupancy problem with unequal probabilities
PETER NEAL. Endemic behaviour of  SIS epidemics with general infectious period distributions
NICHOLAS R. PETERSON AND BORIS PITTEL. Distance between two random k-out digraphs, with and without preferential attachment
ROSS G. PINSKY. The speed of a random walk excited by its recent history
HUIJIE QIAO AND JINQIAO DUAN. Nonlinear filtering of stochastic dynamical systems with Lévy noises
MARIA REMEROVA, SERGEY FOSS AND BERT ZWART. Random fluid limit of an overloaded polling model
YAN-XIA REN AND TING YANG. Multitype branching Brownian motion and traveling waves
ULRICH RIEDER AND MARC WITTLINGER On optimal terminal wealth problems with random trading times and drawdown constraints
LAURA SACERDOTE, OTTAVIA TELVE AND CRISTINA ZUCCA. Joint densities of first hitting times of a diffusion process through two time dependent boundaries
SERIK SAGITOV AND MARIA CONCEIÇÃO SERRA. Skeletons of near-critical Bienaymé–Galton–Watson branching processes
HIRONOBU SAKAGAWA. Persistence probability for a class of Gaussian processes related to random interface models
FRANCISCO J. SAMANIEGO AND JORGE NAVARRO. On comparing coherent systems with heterogeneous components
FLORIAN SIMATOS. State space collapse for critical multistage epidemics
A. L. STOLYAR. Diffusion scale tightness of invariant distributions of a large-scale flexible service system
MITSUSHI TAMAKI. Optimal stopping rule for the full-information duration problem with random horizon
HUEI-WEN TENG, MING-HSUAN KANG AND CHENG-DER FUH. On spherical Monte Carlo simulations for multivariate normal probabilities
P. VIS, R. BEKKER AND R. D. VAN DER MEI. Heavy-traffic limits for polling models with exhaustive service and non-FCFS service order policies
HONGZHONG ZHANG. Occupation times, drawdowns, and drawups for one-dimensional regular diffusions