Forthcoming Papers

Journal of Applied Probability

Research Papers

ROMAIN ABRAHAM, AYMEN BOUAZIZ AND JEAN-FRANÇOIS DELMAS. Local limits of Galton-Watson trees conditioned on the number of protected nodes
PIETER C. ALLAART AND JOSÉ A. ISLAS. A sharp lower bound for choosing the maximum of an independent sequence
VENKAT ANANTHARAM AND FRANÇOIS BACCELLI. The Boolean model in the Shannon regime: three thresholds and related asymptotics
GOLSHID BAHARIAN, ARASH KHATIBI AND SHELDON H. JACOBSON. Sequential stochastic assignment problem with time-dependent random success rates
A. D. BARBOUR, P. CHIGANSKY AND F. C. KLEBANER. On the emergence of random initial conditions in fluid limits
ENRICO BARONI, REMCO VAN DER HOFSTAD AND JÚLIA KOMJÁTHY. Non-universality of weighted random graphs with infinite variance degree
PATRIZIA BERTI, IRENE CRIMALDI, LUCA PRATELLI AND PIETRO RIGO. Asymptotics for randomly reinforced urns with random barriers
M. V. BOUTSIKAS, M. V. KOUTRAS AND F. S. MILIENOS. Asymptotic results for the multiple scan statistic
O. J. BOXMA, E. FROSTIG AND D. PERRY. A reinsurance risk model with a threshold coverage policy – The Gerber–Shiu penalty function
CRISTIAN F. COLETTI, KARINA B. E. DE OLIVEIRA AND PABLO M. RODRIGUEZ. A stochastic two-stage innovation diffusion model on a lattice
TUGRUL DAYAR AND M. CAN ORHAN. Steady-state analysis of a multi-class MAP/PH/c queue with acyclic PH retrials
LUC DEVROYE, LÁSZLÓ GYÕRFI, GÁBOR LUGOSI and HARRO WALK. On the measure of Voronoi cells
ERIK EKSTRÖM, KRISTOFFER GLOVER AND MARTA LENIEC. Dynkin games with heterogeneous beliefs
PHILIP A. ERNST AND LARRY SHEPP. On occupation times of the first and third quadrants for planar Brownian motion
MICHAEL FUCHS, HSIEN-KUEI HWANG AND YOSHIAKI ITOH. From coin-tossing to rock-paper-scissors and beyond: a log-exp gap theorem for selecting a leader
GREGORY GAGNON. Stochastic impulse control of exchange rates with Freidlin-Wentzell perturbations
MATHIEU GERBER AND NICK WHITELEY. Stability with respect to initial conditions in V-norm for nonlinear filters with ergodic observations
NICOLAS GROSJEAN AND THIERRY HUILLET. On a coalescence process and its branching genealogy
JOHN HASLEGRAVE AND MATE PULJIZ. Reaching consensus on a connected graph
XIN HE AND ZENGHU LI. Distributions of jumps in a continuous-state branching process with immigration
ALEXANDER IKSANOV AND ZAKHAR KABLUCHKO. A central limit theorem and a law of the iterated logarithm for the Biggins martingale of the supercritical branching random walk
ALEXANDER KATZUR AND UDO KAMPS. Order statistics with memory: a model with reliability applications
OFFER KELLA AND MARC YOR. Unifying the Dynkin and Lebesgue-Stieltjes formulae
RICHARD KENYON AND MEI YIN. On the asymptotics of constrained exponential random graphs
MARKUS KUBA AND HENNING SULZBACH. On martingale tail sums in affine two-color urn models with multiple drawings
CLAUDE LEFÈVRE, PHILIPPE PICARD AND MATTHIEU SIMON. Epidemic risk and insurance coverage
JAAKKO LEHTOMAA. Large deviations of means of heavy-tailed random variables with finite moments of all orders
YI-SHEN LIN. A generalization of the Mabinogion sheep problem of D. Williams
A. MAHESHWARI AND P. VELLAISAMY. On the long-range dependence of fractional Poisson and negative binomial processes
JEAN MAIRESSE AND PASCAL MOYAL. Stability of the stochastic matching model
R. MARTYR. Solving finite time horizon Dynkin games by optimal switching
TOMOMI MATSUI AND KATSUNORI ANO. Compare the ratio of symmetric polynomials of odds to one and stop
THOMAS O MCDONALD AND MAREK KIMMEL. Multitype infinite-allele branching processes in continuous time
MARTIN MEIER AND LEOPOLD SÖGNER. A new strategy for Robbins' problem of optimal stopping
D. MUKHERJEE, S. C. BORST, J. S. H. VAN LEEUWAARDEN AND P. A. WHITING. Universality of load balancing schemes on diffusion scale
PIERRE NYQUIST. Moderate deviation principles for importance sampling estimators of risk measures
GIACOMO PLAZZOTTA AND CAROLINE COLIJN. Asymptotic frequency of shapes in supercritical branching trees
IBRAHIM RAHIMOV. Statistical inference for partially observed branching processes with immigration
NEERAJA SAHASRABUDHE. Synchronization and fluctuation theorems for interacting Friedman urns
ERNST SCHULTE-GEERS AND WOLFGANG STADJE. Small drift limit theorems for random walks
GAGANDEEP SINGH, U. C. GUPTA AND M. L. CHAUDHRY. Detailed computational analysis of queueing-time distributions of BMAP/G/1 queue using roots
JENNIFER SOMMER, HANS DADUNA AND BERND HEIDERGOTT. Non-ergodic Jackson networks with infinite supply - local stabilization and local equilibrium analysis
MIGUEL A. SORDO and GEORGIOS PSARRAKOS. Stochastic comparisons of inter-failure times under a relevation replacement policy
MALGORZATA SULKOWSKA, FABRICIO SIQUEIRA BENEVIDES. Percolation and best choice problem for powers of paths
A TOOMAJ, S. M. SUNOJ and J. NAVARRO. Some properties of the cumulative residual entropy of coherent and mixed systems
KOJI TSUKUDA. Estimating the large mutation parameter of the Ewens sampling formula
ROBERT R. WILKINSON, FRANK G. BALL AND KIERAN J. SHARKEY. The deterministic Kermack-McKendrick model bounds the general stochastic epidemic
YI-CHING YAO, DANIEL WEI-CHUNG MIAO AND XENOS CHANG-SHUO LIN. Corrected discrete approximations for the conditional and unconditional distributions of the continuous scan statistic
YUN ZENG AND CATHY HONGHUI XIA. Optimal bulking threshold of batch service queues


Short Communications

KATJA GABRYSCH. Distribution of the smallest visited point in a greedy walk on the line
STEFAN KASSBERGER AND THOMAS LIEBMANN. An alternative axiomatic characterisation of pricing operators
SHELDON M. ROSS. Improved Chen–Stein bounds on the probability of a union
YAMING YU. Minimum variance in the coupon collector's problem

Advances in Applied Probability

ETIENNE ADAM. Criterion for unlimited growth of critical multidimensional stochastic models
NATALIE ATTARD. Nash equilibrium in nonzero-sum games of optimal stopping for Brownian motion
VINCENT BANSAYE, SYLVIE MÉLÉARD AND MATHIEU RICHARD. Speed of coming down from infinity for birth and death processes
LUISA BEGHIN AND CLAUDIO MACCI. Multivariate fractional Poisson processes and compound sums
J. BLANCHET, P. GLYNN AND S. ZHENG. Analysis of a stochastic approximation algorithm for computing quasi-stationary distributions
ONNO BOXMA, RIM ESSIFI AND AUGUSTUS J. E. M. JANSSEN. A queueing/inventory and an insurance risk model
BERTRAND CLOEZ. Limit theorems for some branching measure-valued processes
J. DÍAZ, D. MITSCHE, G. PERARNAU AND X. PÉREZ-GIMÉNEZ. On the relation between graph distance and Euclidean distance in random geometric graphs
YAN DOLINSKY AND YURI KIFER. Risk minimization for game options in markets imposing minimal transaction costs
GARY FROYLAND AND ROBYN M. STUART. Cheeger inequalities for absorbing Markov chains
BRUNO GALERNE. Random fields of bounded variation and computation of their variation intensity
ARKA GHOSH, STEVEN NOREN, ALEXANDER ROITERSHTEIN. On the range of the transient frog model on Z
ALEXANDER GOLDENSHLUGER. Nonparametric estimation of the service time distribution in the M/G/infinity queue
HUI HE. On large deviation rates for sums associated with Galton–Watson processes
CHRISTIAN HIRSCH, BENEDIKT JAHNEL, PAUL KEELER AND ROBERT I. A. PATTERSON. Large-deviation principles for connectable receivers in wireless networks
IRENE HUETER. Branching processes in generalized autoregressive conditional environments
CLIFFORD HURVICH AND JOSH REED. Series expansions for the all-time maximum of alpha-stable random walks
ISTVÁN KOLOSSVÁRY, JÚLIA KOMJÁTHY AND LAJOS VÁGÓ. Degrees and distances in random and evolving Apollonian networks
STEVEN KOU AND HAOWEN ZHONG. First passage times of two-dimensional Brownian motion
MARIE KRATZ AND WERNER NAGEL. On the capacity functional of excursion sets of Gaussian random fields on R2
CLAUDE LEFÈVRE AND MATTHIEU SIMON. SIR epidemics with stages of infection
SHANGZHEN LUO. A stochastic differential game for quadratic-linear diffusion processes
MAURO MARIANI AND LORENZO ZAMBOTTI. Large deviations for the empirical measure of heavy tailed Markov renewal processes
R. MARTYR. Dynamic programming for discrete-time finite horizon optimal switching problems with negative switching costs
GRIGORI N. MILSTEIN AND JOHN SCHOENMAKERS. Uniform approximation of the CIR process via exact simulation at random times
HARRI NYRHINEN. On real growth and run-off companies in insurance ruin theory
ELMA NASSAR AND ETIENNE PARDOUX. On the large time behaviour of the solution of an SDE driven by a Poisson point process
GUODONG PANG AND YUHANG ZHOU. G/G/infinity queues with renewal alternating interruptions
LUDGER RÜSCHENDORF, ALEXANDER SCHNURR AND VIKTOR WOLF. Comparison of time-inhomogeneous Markov processes
MICHAEL SCHREMPP. The limit distribution of the largest interpoint distance for distributions supported by a d-dimensional ellipsoid and generalizations
MITSUSHI TAMAKI. Urn sampling distributions giving alternate correspondences between two optimal stopping problems
GUGAN C. THOPPE, D. YOGESHWARAN AND ROBERT J. ADLER. On the evolution of topology in dynamic clique complexes
DANIEL VASATA. On long-range dependence of random measures