JAP Volume 34 Number 2

Research Papers

293 C. KLÜPPELBERG AND T. MIKOSCH. Large deviations of heavy-tailed random sums with applications to insurance and finance

309 J.P. DION AND N.M. YANEV. Limit theorems and estimation theory for branching processes with or without immigration

328 AKIO TANIKAWA. On the rate of convergence of Borovkov's multidimensional ergodic Markov chain

340 TOMMY NORBERG. On the time a Markov chain spends in a lumped state

346 SHUI FENG. Propagation of chaos of multitype mean field interacting particle systems

363 ANISH SARKAR. Continuity and convergence of the percolation function in continuum percolation

372 MARCO CAMPI. A unique representation theorem for the conditional expectation of stationary processes and application to dynamic estimation problems

381 DIRK TASCHE. On the second Borelli--Cantelli lemma for strongly mixing sequences of events

395 Y. KEBIR. Laplace transform for the renewal equation

404 MOSHE SHAKED AND TITYIK WONG. Stochastic orders based on ratios of Laplace transforms

420 MOSHE SHAKED AND TITYIK WONG. Stochastic comparisons of random minimums and maximums

426 RAUL GOUET. Strong convergence of proportions in a multicolor Polya urn

436 MARTIN MÖHLE. Fixation in bisexual models with variable population sizes

449 D. K. AL-MUTAIRI, T. M. AL-KHAMIS AND M. S. ABDEL-HAMEED. A Bayesian approach for analyzing layered defense system and its ramification

458 M. D. RUIZ-MEDINA AND M. J. VALDERRAMA. Dynamic forecasting with a Laplace random field. An application to geophysics data

477 A. D. BARBOUR AND R. M. PHATARFOD. Dimensioning a multiple hashing scheme

487 ESTHER FROSTIG AND TAPANI LEHTONEN. On the optimality of homogenous servers in a fork join queueing system with exponential processing times

498 OFFER KELLA. Stochastic storage networks: stationarity and the feedforward case

508 JOHN PREATER. A perpetuity and the M/M/inf ranked server system

514 NICOLE BÄUERLE. Monotonicity results for MR/GI/1 queues

525 ENRICO FAGIUOLI AND FRANCO PELLEREY. Moment inequalities for sums of DMRL random variables

536 SARAH-ANNE WOODHAM AND DONALD ST P. RICHARDS. Comparison of system reliability functions under laboratory and actual operating environments

546 WEI LI, DINGHUA SHI AND XIULI CHAO. Reliability analysis of M/G/1 queueing systems with server breakdowns and vacations

Short Communications

556 GEOFFREY F. YEO. Duration of a secretary problem

559 YONGJIN WANG. A proof to the persistence criteria of a class of superprocesses